The KaBoogie Stuff You Want to Hear About!

Your baby is an extention of your personality and taste.  You want them to reflect your style and creativity!  Boogie shoes, boots & moccasins are for babies who are unique, be it earthy, funky, rock & roll, cool and maybe a little edgy!  Come on in!  

I started KaBoogie Shoes as a way to make adorable shoes for my baby that weren't garish, or cartoony.  Using repurposed suede and leather, I choose only those pieces that are gently used or new condition.  Simple, soft and kinda groovy is how I like to dress my kids!  No characters, soft leather and suede.  Some colors are SO hard to find in reclaimed leather, so I will purchase an occasional new hide for a specific color.
I am a stay-at-home mom of 6 homeschooled kids, some dogs and lots of chickens, up here in rural NE Connecticut.  I started making my baby shoes because I didn't like the flimsy feel of what I found in the stores, and I wanted COOL, cute, comfy, soft shoes for my little boogie boy.  Hence the name.  He never took them off, and they stay on!  I like to repurpose material because I HATE waste.  Does my hubby miss his bomber jacket?  Yes, but he'll get over it, the hole was just too big!.
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